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Here you’ll find links to exceptional Web content.

Gapminder — beautiful statistics

Hans Rosling is the best! Watch the following exceptional videos for exceptional examples of how to show numbers and tell the story of statistics. Rosling shows, with simple graphics, complicated and large numbers. His passionate delivery gets everyone excited.

Ted Talks

For exceptional speakers with profound and innovative ways of looking at the world.


So many videos, so little time!

  • Head Designed. A good video to watch when considering accessibility.
  • Le Grand Content. A film that pokes fun of the PowerPoint culture with lots of surprises.

Digital Storytelling

You’ll find many wonderful examples of digital stories at the Center for Digital Storytelling. Here are a few worth watching and discussing:

  • Sofas. Can you imagine telling an entire story about sofas? Wayne describes his relationship with sofas and struggles with homelessness.
  • Pralines. Carol Burch Brown talks about the stark contrast of where she is today and growing up in southern family that had ties with the KKK.
  • The Gift of Nonviolence.  Dr. LeRoy Moore talks about his own abusive childhood which spurred him on to teach courses in nonviolent social change at the University of Colorado.


You can’t go wrong with any of the stories on StoryCorps, but here are a few favorites:

Grammar Help

  • Grammar Girl website and individual podcasts are a good way to learn grammar details. The podcasts are a little long, if you’re impatient. Try Dashes vs Colons if you’re unsure when to use a colon, hyphen, en dash or em dash.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL). This is a completely trustworthy and helpful to verify grammar concerns and resolve writing issues.