table of contents – writing for the web

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1   All You Really Need to Know

Messages, Messages, Messages
Make Your Messages Rise Above the Din
Who Is Your Audience?
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2   Best Practices for Writing for the Web

Write Succinctly
Use a Conversational Style
Use Precise Terms
Use Plain Terms
List Items
Keep Sentences Short
Keep Paragraphs Short
Chunk Information
Title and Subtitle
Organize for Your Audience
Set the Right Tone
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3   Working with Images

Choose the Right Type of Image
Keep the Message Clear
Telling a Story
Think of the Global Audience
Using Tables, Charts, and Graphs
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4   Adding Motion

Getting Started with Motion
Developing the Story
Guidelines for Video and Animation
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5   Adding Sound

Choosing Sounds
Adding Sound Effects
The Human Voice
Planning a Podcast
Recording Guidelines
Interviewing Techniques
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6   Writing Nonlinear, Interactive Stories

Managing Content
Adding Links
Nonlinear, Interactive Stories
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7   Writing Succinctly

Stay Focused
Be Positive
Trust the Reader
Choose Anglo-Saxon Words
Eliminate Excess Words
Stop Hype
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8   Writing with Style and Good Grammar

Style or Grammar?
Choosing Your Style
Grammar Rules
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9   Telling a Good Story

What Makes a Good Story?
Story Elements
Developing Stories
Refine Your Senses
Jump In
Start with a Hook
Add Cliff-hangers
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10   A Refresher on the Rhetorical Modes

Rhetorical Modes
Rhetoric in Ancient Greece
Making Web Content Credible
Rhetoric for Web Content
Patterns and Strategies
Images and Rhetoric
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11  Writing Instructions

Know Your Audience
Begin with an Introduction
Write Straightforward Steps
Provide Illustrations
Show Motion with Video or Animation
End on a Positive Note
Test, Test, Test
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12  Writing Blogs

What Exactly Is a Blog?
Choosing Topics and Theme
Composing a Succession of Stories
Sustaining Readership
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13  Re-vision

Writing Is Rewriting
Workshops and Critiques
When Is Your Story Finished?
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14  Writing Practice

Collaborative Freewriting
Suggested Exercises